Clove Bud Pure Essential Oil

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Aromatically, Clove Bud Essential Oil possesses a strong, warm, spicy aroma that blends well with other spicy essential oils like Cinnamon Bark. The Clove Oil benefits include, skin health and acne, it fights candida, provides toothache relief, and it's high in antioxidant content. It's also a a digestive aid and ulcer helper, a powerful antibacterial, and immune system booster. It may help lower blood pressure and boost heart health. When used for aromatherapy purposes, clove bud oil helps to stimulate the brain
(Please note: Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that can be harmful if not used carefully and properly, and may cause irritation when applied to the skin. We encourage you to dilute oils at all times with any carrier oil and exercise caution when using them. We do not recommend using essential oils internally.)