About Us

Bath Origins, a local brand from the Philippines, started in August, 1999 with the intention of making soaps to give as Christmas gifts. We created and experimented on an assortment of around 50 kinds. Today, we have chosen 25 of our bestselling soaps and continue to create providing the highest quality soap around the country. As a soap maker myself and company founder, I believe strongly in the importance of creating soaps and other products using only all natural ingredients. From humble beginnings of making soap in our living room, the company has grown and now serves thousands of customers all over the country.
Bath Origins creates 25 different all natural and handmade soaps. Our soaps are made cruelty free with the utmost care and quality. We use the “cold kettle” process in making each bar. Only pure Olive, Palm, Coconut and Soy are used. These are delicately scented with pure essential oils. We use natural herbs and spices for their aromatic skin care qualities and as exfoliants. All Bath Origins soaps are handmade, hand cut and hand wrapped with care.
Other products include fragrance oils, essential oils, room and linen sprays, odor eaters, massage oils, Jute sack packaging, wooden massagers, loofa, pumice stones, herbs and much more. By watching industry trends carefully, we stay ahead of our customers’ needs by frequently adding new products.