Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil

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From the wood or needles of Cedrus deodora

Enhances focus particularly with ADD/ADHD, mood booster, promotes creativity and memory, relieves anxiety, cough and sinus relief, reduces skin peeling and fights skin infection and regulates immune system function by balancing mast cell activity responsible for allergic disorders.


• Focus, mood, creativity and memory, anxiety, cough and sinus, immune system: Inhale using a cool mist diffuser by adding 8 to 12 drops per one cup (8 ounce) of distilled water (start with 8 drops to test the strength); on a tissue or handkerchief by adding 1 to 2 drops; or sniff from the bottle. Inhale for 30 to 45 minutes daily or as needed.
  Cough, sinus, skin: Dilute 30 drops per teaspoon of carrier oil such as extra virgin coconut oil and apply directly on the affected area; or use 1 drop for every 20 kg of body weight directly on the affected area. For cough and sinus, apply onto the chest and throat.

Caution: Not safe for internal use. Avoid use during pregnancy. Dilution is recommended for topical use. Test on small area of skin before applying directly.