Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil

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You may be wondering “What is eucalyptus essential oil good for?”. Well, let me tell you, it’s probably one of the most useful essential oils out there! It’s one of those cure-all essential oils but with a strong affinity for pain, cold and flu, and killing germs and bacteria.

It’s a definite must have!

Eucalyptus oil is:

• Analgesic – relieves pain when used topically
• Antibacterial – kills germs and bacteria
• Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation in joints, muscles, and other inflamed tissues
• Antineuralgic – reduces neuralgia associated with conditions like shingles
• Antiseptic – keeps wounds clean and bacteria free
• Antispasmodic – reduces incessant coughing
• Antiviral – kills viruses in the air and internally
• Astringent – tightens skin and tissues which improves circulation and healing
• Decongestant for both sinuses and lungs – stimulates expectoration
• Deodorant – reduces odors in the home
• Disinfectant – kills germs and bacteria in the air and on surfaces
• Diuretic – stimulates the kidneys
• Expectorant – helps the body expectorate mucus from the lungs
• Insecticidal – can keep insects off the body or out of the house
• Stimulant – stimulates the immune system and clarifies the mind



Please note: essential oils are highly concentrated, strong, and powerful liquids that can be harmful if not used carefully and properly. This is an especially potent blend of essential oil which could cause irritation when applied to the skin. We encourage you to dilute oils at all times with any carrier oil and exercise caution when using them, and we do not recommend using essential oils internally. Please keep essential oils out of reach of children, and we do not advocate usage of this oil on children or infants.